Join Our Team! ERG Investment Programs

Ownership Plan: This plan is designed for the savvy professional preparing for the future. The fee is $1055 a month which includes a private office if available. It also allows you to close as many escrows you like without any closing fees. As you recruit agents the monthly fee will adjust $100 for every
professional that you add to Equity Realty Group’s roster. In addition, every agent you recruit will be charged 4.5% closing fee that will be split 1.5% to the house and 3% to the recruiting agent. There is $475 initiation fee

Platinum Plan: This plan is created for the agent that may just be starting off and with less experience. $35 @ month and a closing fee of $395 per transaction is easy to get by. If you should have a better than average month and close 4,5, or better– those closings would not have any closing fee. $275 initiation fee.

Gold Program: This plan was designed for the closer. Your average month has 3 or more closings in it and you don’t want to pay for your success. $65 @ month and $325 per transaction is the way to make that happen. You will be charged closing fees on two of your closings on any given month and after that
there will no closing fee applied. $275 initiation fee.

Silver Program: This program was created for the part time agent that wants to avoid the monthly fees. What you see on the split is all you will be charged. $375 initiation fee.

Bronze Program: This program caters to the newly licensed agent. We will meet with you once a week for 2 and ½ hours to provide training and instruction on how to successfully close in this market. The bronze program requires the newly licensed professional to work closely with our mentors or trainers until their 4th closing. And at that time the trainee may pick any of the above mentioned investment programs.